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Sarah McMahon Professional Portrait


From being an in-house designer for the Regional YMCA to Willamette Valley Vineyards, working with small businesses, to continuing fine art projects, I’ve had a busy and engaging career. 

My exposure to design began while attending Pratt Institute’s Summer Art Program, where I went to study painting. My roommate was taking design classes and I loved the integration of technology in art. I was hooked. Diving deep into the design world, I attended Colby-Sawyer College for its art program. After four years of student shows, gallery assistant work, an internship at Harp & Company Graphic Design, and I received a BFA in Graphic Design. 

For three years I worked as the in-house designer for the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut. Collaborating with the Marketing Director and other program managers on all promotions, ad campaigns, and visual communications. Once I moved to Oregon and I began freelance designing. I learned how to communicate with clients about their areas of expertise and how I can support their vision. I am currently the Graphic Designer working with the Brand Director at Willamette Valley Vineyards. I work alongside each department to develop their marketing needs and campaigns. Learning about the food and beverage industry and how it relates to customer experiences in the winery and restaurant environment.


My love of design and creative problem solving drives my work to be useful and impactful to others. One of the best parts of design is the wide scope of the field. It’s always entertaining and exciting to take on a new challenge. 







Web design

Motion graphics

Video editing

Social media posts





Looking for something else? Send me a message and we can see what I can do to help!


Together, we will discover what your business needs to succeed and how design can assist. We’ll begin by discussing the scope of the project. By listening and learning about your company, I’ll understand your voice. I’ll do research on your industry and we’ll develop a plan on how best to communicate with your audience. 

At every stage I will be in contact, so you will see how the design is progressing. I will integrate your suggestions until you are satisfied with the final product.

  1. Identify key requirements

  2. Do background research

  3. Develop design solutions 

  4. Test & evaluate for feedback 

  5. Improve design

  6. Present deliverables

Sarah McMahon on travels
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